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Fear Fear

Hey, fear fear, I hear you have agoraphobia, That’s too bad because I plan to take you all around the world.   Hey, fear fear, I hear you have basiphobia, That’s too bad because I plan on making you fall in love with me.   Hey, fear fear, I hear you have hemophobia That’s too bad because I plan to make you the blood of my blood.   Hey, fear

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Sieve Mouths!

I am shocked by these kids in my secondary school and the words that trickle down their lips. It’s like their lips are sieves with no restraint and the words are liquid that just freely flush through the holes of their sievey mouths.  We have only spent 10 days in Jss1 and I know something about almost everyone’s family.  On the second day; orientation day, I met a small boy

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You know how you get on the eve of your birthday? When you’re excited but you’re trying not to show so much that you are? When you keep thinking, ‘would there be any surprises hidden for me on this particular birthday?’  That’s how I feel.  It’s December and it’s just one month to when I’m due to give birth. December is thankfully busy with activities so there is a lot

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Book,  It’s the month of Independence and the sixth month of my pregnancy.  Wow! I never ever thought I’d make it this far but here I am. I look very pregnant (for my size) This month has been a month of openness for me. There is no more hiding. I can no longer hide my pregnancy; no longer hide my emotions; no longer hide my swollen feet; no longer hide

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Goodness Solomon: The Desert

Prompt: March 2 Places Beach, Mountain, Forest, or somewhere else entirely?       Some of us like adventure. I like adventure (or I like to tell myself that I do). I have fantasies of being proposed to just before I leap out of a plane skydiving. I am extremely jealous of the dude in Rudimental + Emeli Sande’s ‘Free’ Video (take time out to watch it!). Sometimes all I

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