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Snake Bite

I am finding it really hard to console my little cousin this evening. Earlier in the day when he woke up from his sleep around 12pm, he stretched and told me today was going to be a fantastic day. He said today was the day he had been waiting for all his life and today, his chance will not pass him by.  Confused I served him his yam pottage and

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Similarities First, Differences Next. 

I remember coming home, when I was in Primary 4, with my face drenched in tears and my uniform torn all over. I was angry, bitter and felt cheated. My mom ran to me from the door and began to create a fuss. She knelt down, touched my chest, touched my head, pulled my limbs, all the while asking me what was wrong and who had done this to me.

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Ngozi & Wale

This is the start of a new series called ‘Proposals’. It was inspired by my scary love/obsession for other people’s love stories. (BellaNaija Wedding website knows me by name!). Anyway, the stories in this series are purely fictional. And any resemblance of any of the stories to your present or future proposal is purely coincidental. 😀 Enjoy! How we met: By Ngozi If you’re a female photographer you’ll know what

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