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Our Pepper Soup Eyes

Not everyone sits through the 6 adventurous years of learning the Law, yet somehow everyone loves, enjoys and is an expert at judging. The problem however is that the gates to the high throne of being judgmental do not allow self-evaluation pass through them. This is so that the judge keeps his focus on others and judges devotedly, and he is not distracted by his own shortcomings, weaknesses and flaws. 

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I Will Not See Him Again

Job 4:11 ‘Full grown lions die when they cannot find prey…’ (International Standard Version, The Holy Bible)       I read that scripture this morning when I woke up feeling bad. I had once again, shamed myself and my Father in heaven. Yes, and even my father in heaven. I believe that both f(F)athers see me and my bad deeds, and I sometimes wonder why they don’t slap me

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