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Dear Mr. ____

LOL! I was looking through my old mails and I stumbled upon this letter I had written on behalf of my friend, to her boyfriend in 2015. I was a self-proclaimed expert romantic-letter-writer and was, based on that, contracted to help wish her boyfriend ‘Happy Birthday.’ (I have excluded names and other information that may give clues about said couple). Enjoy!        ______________________   ___ July 2015  

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On Jones

Jones Romijaran Ayuwo.  Today, I informed my friend that I was going to digress a little and write an article on Jones and she said (Ore, sorry) ‘aww… Imagine if you and Jones get married’  Immediately she said it, I said something like ‘That’d be so cute. We’ll just be writing to each other and will overdose on romantic letters’  Now, when I made that statement, I’ll have you know

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Birdy, Fregene, Earth and Sniffing

Prompt: Jan 18 Free Association Write down the first words that come to mind when we say… home… soil… rain. Use those words in the title of your post.   Home… Birdy   The singer. And Fregene.   Birdy’s music tries to do to me, what onions also try to do – make me cry But I might have a medical condition, which restrains tears from falling from my eyes.

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My Teacher’s Pet

It’s a new year!!! I’m quite excited because, amidst other things, it’s another opportunity to continue doing what I love – writing good stuff. I promised myself at the beginning of this year to be more consistent and focused, and so I have decided to stick to a compilation of writing prompts released by WordPress. With the guidance of these prompts, I would endeavor to write everyday of this year

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Last Time

Today, I thought about the day my father stopped carrying me. There was that day. He didn’t know that that would be the last day. And I didn’t know either. But after that day, he stopped carrying me. For some reason; he just stopped. He may have thought I was too old to be carried or may have gotten carried away with life and his business. But since my father

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