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Dear All the People Who Believe in Me

Dear All the People Who Believe in Me, That there is even an audience to write to, humbles me. That I’m not scribbling this in my journal and reading it to myself in the mirror; humbles me. And yes, a perfect rhythm to this thought would be for me to say “however, if I were the only person who believed in myself, I’d be 100% super and good”, but I

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Douglas, David and Debosayo

Day 2 Think of three people in your life. Give your character the hair and laugh of person 1, the face and bedroom of person 2, and the wardrobe and mannerisms of person 3. This is your new protagonist. Feel free to give him or her any other characteristics you’d like. Give us an idea of who your character is by describing only the first 60 seconds of the character’s

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Why Yawning is Rude

I was sincerely tired, I swear. I was not yawning because I wanted to be rude; I was just tired. But my father did not care. He said, ‘I have told you countless times, you don’t yawn when people are talking to you; especially your elders.’  I wanted to say, ‘But what if I am tired and I can’t control the yawning?’ But I know my father; he wouldn’t even let

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Need I Say More?

I stumbled upon a sheet of paper in my sister’s room today. I was looking for a document I believed I had left on her reading table and so I kept opening every sheet of paper on the table. She was going to be at choir rehearsals for the whole night so I could not have waited for her to get back. This paper had been detached from one of

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Adeboro, My Friend

Prompt: Feb 12 All about you! Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.  Haha. This is not even weird.  Yes, maybe I could have been more creative with my blog title, but I chose my blog title ‘Adeboro’ because my name is Adeboro and it is my blog.  What it means to me? On the surface of it, Adeboro means ‘royalty and wealth meet’

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Prompt: Feb 6 Choose your adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion. I am writing a story with an open ending but I do not even know where it starts. It’s sort of how life is. We can’t say, ‘Oh, here’s the beginning of this story’ neither can we say, ‘Oh, here’s the end’. But we know that everything has

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At Least I Do

We saw today and we talked… for a long time. I laughed more than half the time and he kept smiling at me. 3:45am this morning, I woke up and saw a mail… from him. It said; ‘If someone asked me to say what I love the most about you, I would not think twice. I would smile and say ‘Her laughter. I love her laughter the most.’ And I

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Teni & Lawrence

How we met: Lawrence It was 7:30pm and I was sleeping over at a hotel after a business meeting. I was bored sick in my room so I stepped out and went to the lounge. However, there were a lot of people there. Apparently, there was going to be some comedy show that night at the hotel and the people had arrived and were waiting. I had no interest in

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Toyin & Dami

How we met: Dami We met at a wedding. Typical. But there was nothing typical about her. We were seated at the same table and the emcee kept picking on her. He used her for his joke-telling. One time, he came to the table and said, ‘Aunty, una get Philip iron for house?’ Of course, she did not respond. Then he said, ‘If una no get am, go buy am

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To whom it may or may not concern: I knew you when we were younger. Five years ago. I wish I didn’t. So, then I would not know how much you’ve changed. I knew you when your smile was still wide and free. Not this forced smile you do now; trying to keep all your teeth in your mouth. I knew you when you couldn’t raise an eyebrow. How did

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