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I have a friend…

I have a friend… I have a friend. His name is the Holy Spirit. Apparently, he’s the best friend I can ever have. I don’t utilize his awesomeness, gentility, listening skills as well as I should. But He sticks around. Always… always there. Looking out for me… doing everything he does; with me in mind. I have a friend. Her name is Demilade. She has the body of a model

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Inter Mundos

Temi named us. (Temi is the weird Ibadan one).   Because I was curious about what ‘inter mundos’ was, I asked him. And he said something like ‘It means ‘in between worlds’. If we’re in between worlds, then we’re not in this world. Then we’re out of this world’. I wondered why he had to go through all that processing, but I let it pass. That’s Temi for you. He’s a

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