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My Intervention

I was looking at my intervention and everything about it was hilarious. From the moment Linda, my younger sister, came into my room to call me, I knew something was up.  She stood by the door and said, ‘Lydia, mommy and daddy is calling you‘. I corrected her ‘Mommy and Daddy are calling you’ Then I frowned and looked at her, ‘Are they angry?’ She looked away briefly, looked back

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Hello, 21. 

Wowza! I am tired to my bones but, my mind is as busy as a hive of bees. Yesterday’s article captured a weirdish kind of 20th year; with more downs than ups, and especially emotionally. And for my 21st year, I was really praying and hoping to cheer up more and have a more positive attitude and better emotions towards life.  As if my prayer could not wait to be

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How to Hate

Everyone talks about how they love this person, or that person, they talk about how easy it is to love. I agree. But no one talks about how easier it is to hate and how harder it is to keep loving.  The first person I remember hating was my primary school best friend. I loved her since we were in nursery school. Somehow, we had just grown to click. My

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Best Friend Poem

I am not a moralist. A moralist believes in the monopoly of their morals; in the rightness of their convictions  I am not that.   So lie to everyone, if you please, but please make me an exception.  **** I am never the smartest in the room.  And I may never know what that feels like; unlike you.  You’re smart, you’re wise and you always have the last say.  If

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I once had a friend who NEVER got my jokes. It was so uncool. I had great reservations about this friendship because how on earth was I supposed to look through his not getting my jokes and be his friend? But I guess that’s what friendship is about, accepting dorkiness.  Anyway, one time, I told a joke that went thus:  Me: What did the conductor say to the current president in

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Daggers in my Essence

“Bode was always a fighter. The first time I met him was in my 3rd year during a school protest; they were protesting against dirty toilets in the hostels. I never stayed in any school hostel because my father believed that I had tendencies of prostitution. He never said that in so many words but whenever Bode slept over in my private hostel he would say, ‘Ashewo, your rich father

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Toyin & Dami

How we met: Dami We met at a wedding. Typical. But there was nothing typical about her. We were seated at the same table and the emcee kept picking on her. He used her for his joke-telling. One time, he came to the table and said, ‘Aunty, una get Philip iron for house?’ Of course, she did not respond. Then he said, ‘If una no get am, go buy am

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To whom it may or may not concern: I knew you when we were younger. Five years ago. I wish I didn’t. So, then I would not know how much you’ve changed. I knew you when your smile was still wide and free. Not this forced smile you do now; trying to keep all your teeth in your mouth. I knew you when you couldn’t raise an eyebrow. How did

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