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Lagos Living With Bukky

Lagos living is no fun without Bukky. Bukky is one of those friends that you wonder if anything can ever get them sad or down. They are the sanguines of the sanguines. I am happy to go out with Bukky because I can hide behind her flair and just enjoy whatever it is that’s going on. All attention is always on her and I love it that way. Plus she

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Lara and Mr Hopes

How we met: by Lanre I cannot exactly say the point when we officially met. Honestly. All I know is that I was at some special church program with serious hopes of seeing my ex and Lara was seated beside me. In the middle of the program, she yawned, shook her head and said, ‘Are you not hungry and bored?’ I was taken aback and amused but I gave a

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My Husband is 45!

She walked to the make-shift stage in the room in her lovely lovely leaf green dress and gently hit her glass with a small spoon. ‘I want to give a speech for and to my husband’ she said, smiling her radiant smile. The room went hush save from the whisperings from some of the guest. Other guests just cast furtive glances and looked rather uncomfortable. She proceeded nevertheless. ‘Good evening

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    Loss is a horrible thing… dear Lord, loss is a horrible thing.   My mother used to tell me that the day I was born, there was a rainbow in the sky but it didn’t rain. My father would always laugh and say; ‘Of course, a woman in such dramatic labor would see the heavens and beyond’. Then he would say; ‘Are you sure there wasn’t an angel

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Ronke And Kingsley

How we Met: Ronke I’m not quite sure if it is the average girl’s dream to meet the love of her life in a rickety yellow and black Lagos public bus; but that was where I met mine. I remember that when I was way younger, I used to get beaten a lot by my mom every Sunday. We lived in an area dense with members of the white garment

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Young and Old Students

The Young Students As part of the AMAD project, we got to teach both primary school and secondary school students various subjects. I couldn’t be a part of the primary education project because I was teaching English in the secondary school. However, at night, we would gather together (mostly in the dark) and exchange tales. There was a story about a little boy telling his friend that his (the friend’s)

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Itamapako School Village: Iloti. Town: Ijebu Ode. To be honest, the first time I heard the name of the school, I burst into laughter (although I think I was the only one who found it funny). I continued laughing until our Head Coordinator said, ‘We would not be able to teach the students any academic subjects. The principal asked if we have qualifications in Education and we don’t. So, we

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