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The Boat That Made Me Dream Again

So, (they say I should stop starting my sentences with so. But, so) I’m sitting on my bed in the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus and my roommate shrieks and says ‘Boro! (she pronounces Boro terribly, but she’s adorable so it’s fine) look out of the window!’ Now, before I tell you what was outside the window, can I just gush over the fact that my room overlooks the body

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No, You’re Not At The Top

Peradventure you storm into a room, and you find yourself among a crowd of people all standing and looking up towards a stage and you hear names of the greatest people on earth being called out, listen attentively. Listen because if the names on the list run out and you still haven’t heard my name, then it’s the wrong list. If all the people who have impacted lives on earth

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David Odunlami: The Future?

It’s a new month! It’s the month of March and I’m amazed at how well I’ve kept to my promise to write every day. Not every article has been top-notch but I’m still impressed with the quality of stuff I churn out. I’ve retroactively made this a mission to show myself that one does not necessarily need to be ‘inspired’ to create art (as most artist like to think). I

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My Awesome Nightmares

Prompt:  Feb 19 Nightmares Describe the last nightmare you remember having? What do you think it meant? —— Nightmare  Noun \’ nīt – mer \ a dream that frightens a sleeping person.  I have nightmares all the time. I have to; Because I reason that if my dreams are not nightmares, of what use are they to me? – I have nightmares all the time. I love them! I want

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