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Open Heavens, wyd?

When my dad knocked on my door this morning and said, ‘Deboro, devotion!’, I was completely disoriented. Considering that I only just slept at around 2am and even had to wake up somewhere in between to do something, 7am felt like an ungodly hour to do something as godly as devotion. But I dragged myself to the devotion venue and told myself, ‘Stay strong. Do little. Keep your eyes open.

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God is Trying

I gisted my parents today about Yola as we drove along Ikorodu road. I talked specifically about being the leader of the church’s Drama Team. I told them how I felt like it was God’s way of giving me a heads up preparation for my theater production dreams. I was talking and talking and next thing, I heard myself lamenting, saying, ‘It wasn’t until when I became the drama team

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Created For Me

I wonder how come I had never seen it the way my mother said it this morning. My mother, she was talking to me this morning and she said something profound. She said ‘The reason why the sun and the moon and animals and every other thing was created before man was because they were created  to serve man and not the other way round’  That made sense. I imagined

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I Know Her Kind

Immediately I saw her, I knew her kind  With the long fixed lashes contrasting with her skimpy bum shorts  I knew her kind.  She shifted from one foot to the other and popped her gum and I smiled because I know her kind.  She would stand sideways at the ATM so that everyone would see the huge wades of cash that she keeps gutting out of the machine.  Of course;

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My Baby’s Prayers 

My little baby is only 6 years old but his prayers always fascinate me. One time I asked him to pray for the meal we were about to eat and he went: Jesus, thank you for this food. Plenty people in movies choke when they eat and then they die. Plenty people in movies eat poison in their foods. But we thank you because since you’re our invited guest, we

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Resuming Slavehood

I love my grandmother so much and I know not many people say this but I want to be like my grandmother.  When I wish to look at a human being who is epitome of love, I look at her. You know how everyone says, ‘I want to impact lives of people in the world’ but in their everyday lives, they are so mean and impatient? That’s not how my

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Sow More, Reap More

Jane came to me fuming. ‘I don’t know why all these things happen to me. I read more. I attend classes more. I even answer questions more. And Diane just keeps getting better grades. I’m not jealous or anything. I just feel like God doesn’t love me.’ I smiled, nodded and said, ‘Let me tell you a story. There were two farmers who were given a plot of land each. The

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Short and Useless

‘Ehn? Who said what?’ Nonye laughed as she tied her black scarf. She could smell the scarf smelling but she couldn’t possibly go out without tying her scarf.  ‘I just pity these children of Satan. That’s all I will say. What’s my business with her and why would I gossip behind her? Does she think I’m afraid of her Ehn? How can she be going around saying that I’m a

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All For Me

Yesterday, I didn’t post any article because I didn’t write any. I remember picking up my phone to type a bunch of whatever came rolling into my head but I just dropped the phone on my laptop and rolled on my bed in extreme pain.  Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m in serious pain or I just have a low threshold for pain. Most times, I settle for: Pain is

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I Will Not See Him Again

Job 4:11 ‘Full grown lions die when they cannot find prey…’ (International Standard Version, The Holy Bible)       I read that scripture this morning when I woke up feeling bad. I had once again, shamed myself and my Father in heaven. Yes, and even my father in heaven. I believe that both f(F)athers see me and my bad deeds, and I sometimes wonder why they don’t slap me

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