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Open Heavens, wyd?

When my dad knocked on my door this morning and said, ‘Deboro, devotion!’, I was completely disoriented. Considering that I only just slept at around 2am and even had to wake up somewhere in between to do something, 7am felt like an ungodly hour to do something as godly as devotion. But I dragged myself to the devotion venue and told myself, ‘Stay strong. Do little. Keep your eyes open.

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Not A Review: The Books Of Thessalonians

Author: Apostle Paul/Saul (choose most preferred)   I cannot believe I’m still on my September books and I’m steady eating into my October time (Just kidding. I can actually believe – I’m reaping the laziness I sowed at some point). Anyway, I’m happy to be reviewing the two Books of Thessalonians – first, because it’s my first time reviewing Bible Books here, and second, because I was blessed by the

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