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Jesus! I Finished My 1st Degree!

I’m sure every reader can sense the excitement in my voice. I ended my 5-year L.LB program today in the University of Lagos and truthfully, the real implication of that hasn’t fully settled in.  Some days ago, I thought about when I got into the university in 2011. I was young and clueless. I didn’t know where my life was headed and I wanted to rewrite my past. I got

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Graduation Gift

I’m done with school in two weeks and since I imagine that my father should be happy I didn’t get expelled or suspended, I asked him for a graduation present. After reminding me that I stopped being committed to our first class dream and how that disqualifies me from any gift, he gave me another option: “After your exams, we’ll go and visit your mom in Ogbomosho. And you’ll be

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