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Ashy Hands Deserve Love!

I hate to think of myself as a routine person, but I am. I know this because my day is pretty predictable. My food schedule is predictable. What gets me upset is predictable (although some people will say otherwise). What I say when I pick the phone is predictable. In fact, my colleagues at work pride themselves in acting me out. It is therefore so that there’s a particular spot

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Just Say Thank You

I laugh when people say their lives are nothing to write home about. Because as depressing as they make that out to sound, I wish that were my case. I have no home to write nothing to. Oh, and did I mention that I can’t write as well? —- She told me she was feeling very blue because her boyfriend wouldn’t pick up her calls. ‘It must be nice to

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I Just Want To Say Thank You 

I just want to say ‘thank you’; To all those who make me smile without asking for anything in return, thank you.  I just want to say ‘thank you’; To those who, though have never seen me cry, never do anything to make me cry, thank you.  I just want to say ‘thank you’; To those who pray for me from the bottom of their hearts, thank you.  I just

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