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Only A Telltale 

The eye-bags are only a telltale of the nights that have become days and days that refuse to become nights.  The rolling of her eyes is only a telltale of the faith that had surrendered to unbelief and the boredom boring through her mind. The laugh that stays only on the lips is a telltale of the twisting knives in the stab of her heart.  The mean retorts are only

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I Want To Be My Children

I was thinking of my children today and my heart swelled with envy.   I am so jealous of my children, I want to be them! I am jealous of my children because they have such an amazing life.  I wish I have parents as cool as they have. It’s envious how their parents always have such a good time with them; laughing, singing, dancing, debating.  My children’s mom and

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Tooting My Horn

Prompt: Jan 16 Toot Your Horn Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.     CAUTION: This is not fiction.   My name is Adeboro and I am growing.   I have sat to think deeply about this prompt. I have looked at myself, from my physical appearance, to the my complex-simple mind, to

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