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Everyday is a little better; A little brighter; A little closer to change. Sometimes, I feel like I’m waiting for something exciting to happen Like the week before a huge party; Closing work on Friday; feeling like you’re done with every hard work you would ever do. But then Sunday night blasts right in; And you start to feel like you’re dreading something sinister; Like the Monday of due dates.

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Joy Is Not

Joy is not the random highs that handover to horrible lows after its shift  Joy is not the flickering promises from the lips of someone who thinks he loves you  Love is not arrogant boldness that possesses you when you dole out cash  Joy is not the feeling you only feel when someone says ‘well done’  Joy is not the ‘on’ switch that comes on when they presses they right

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Madly Pissed

Today, I had a funny experience. I sat in a bus in front of two elderly people; a man and a woman. They were both deeply engrossed in a conversation when I entered the bus and I could tell by the extra creases on their faces that they were really concerned about the subject matter.  The bus was relatively quiet as though everyone was politely listening to the conversation; which

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