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My Phone Relationship

Prompt: Feb 5 Call me, maybe Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your life-line, a buzzing nuisance or something in between? The relationship between my phone and I is somewhat not mutually beneficial. Although my phone helps me in several ways, there is nothing significant that I do to help my phone. Oh, some people may say, ‘You take care of your phone. You wear a phone jacket

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Ode to my Yellow Pen

*I’m serious* -_- I chose you. And I’ll choose you over and again if we both came back to this world a second time; Or if Ope ever re-celebrated her grandfather’s burial. You were just a souvenir. It was either you or the red one. The red one – blazing red, probably used to getting all the attention, called out my name. I barely even saw you. But thank God

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