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Not a Review : Jesus Among Other gods

Author: Ravi Zacharias   All ye intellectuals and deep thinkers say ‘Whoop Whoop!’. I have come with the review of a book that probably requires someone with 2 brains to fully appreciate it. Sarah, my friend, has at many times urged me to read spiritual literature like Hagin and Kenyon and the likes. I used to always say I will but I never, so I guess when David Rotimi showed

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Not A Review: The Books Of Thessalonians

Author: Apostle Paul/Saul (choose most preferred)   I cannot believe I’m still on my September books and I’m steady eating into my October time (Just kidding. I can actually believe – I’m reaping the laziness I sowed at some point). Anyway, I’m happy to be reviewing the two Books of Thessalonians – first, because it’s my first time reviewing Bible Books here, and second, because I was blessed by the

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I Know Her Kind

Immediately I saw her, I knew her kind  With the long fixed lashes contrasting with her skimpy bum shorts  I knew her kind.  She shifted from one foot to the other and popped her gum and I smiled because I know her kind.  She would stand sideways at the ATM so that everyone would see the huge wades of cash that she keeps gutting out of the machine.  Of course;

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My Baby’s Prayers 

My little baby is only 6 years old but his prayers always fascinate me. One time I asked him to pray for the meal we were about to eat and he went: Jesus, thank you for this food. Plenty people in movies choke when they eat and then they die. Plenty people in movies eat poison in their foods. But we thank you because since you’re our invited guest, we

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The first time I cut myself I couldn’t go through with it, It was supposed to be a straight line across my wrist Just like the article said.  But I cut it barely halfway and started yelping in pain,  But for a moment, the pain coursing through my body made me forget the pain etched into my heart.  -____ The second time I cut myself, I went all the way. 

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Resuming Slavehood

I love my grandmother so much and I know not many people say this but I want to be like my grandmother.  When I wish to look at a human being who is epitome of love, I look at her. You know how everyone says, ‘I want to impact lives of people in the world’ but in their everyday lives, they are so mean and impatient? That’s not how my

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Lottle Miracles

I took my alarm clock to the hospital, For I heard my grandmother was dead,  I told everyone to leave the room and I stood by her side. I set my clock to the next minute, It rang but she didn’t stir  It kept ringing, but she still didn’t stir.  And then I realized, that my alarm clock does not wake me. It just rings.   ____ I played my best

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For the one who dabbles in Yahoo Yahoo; Yahweh is available.  *** For the one who is on the run and is wanted The shephered who causes us not to want is available.  *** For the oppressed; the one who is being lorded over.  The Lord of lords is available.  *** For the one who gets high just to get by The Most High is available. *** For the one

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I Will Not See Him Again

Job 4:11 ‘Full grown lions die when they cannot find prey…’ (International Standard Version, The Holy Bible)       I read that scripture this morning when I woke up feeling bad. I had once again, shamed myself and my Father in heaven. Yes, and even my father in heaven. I believe that both f(F)athers see me and my bad deeds, and I sometimes wonder why they don’t slap me

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I woke up this morning and I felt my body – slightly red hot. I thought: ‘company law exam is tomorrow and I NEED to read.’  It’s 20 minutes to 10pm and I still need to read. As a law student, your script has to be littered with red ink; it is a test of your legal smarts.  I lay in my bed all through today, switching between throaty coughs

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