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My Wife is the Coolest

I just want to take time and this space out to bare it all out about my wife. Today makes it our 4th year of being married, 7th year of being in a relationship, 8th year of being best friends and 10th year of being friends. Yes! I’m counting!  First, to allay your skepticism and answer the question I know everyone is asking: YES! We have misunderstandings! Note that I

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I once had a friend who NEVER got my jokes. It was so uncool. I had great reservations about this friendship because how on earth was I supposed to look through his not getting my jokes and be his friend? But I guess that’s what friendship is about, accepting dorkiness.  Anyway, one time, I told a joke that went thus:  Me: What did the conductor say to the current president in

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I recently remembered some wicked people I’ve met… Enjoy…  The very first wicked person I remember ever meeting in this life was Aunty Ijeoma. I mean, it could have been the doctor who gave me un-identical ear piercings but I don’t remember meeting her so Aunty Ijeoma would have to do. She was my class teacher in primary 4. She was Igbo, tall, fair and hairy. Of course, that did

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Teni & Lawrence

How we met: Lawrence It was 7:30pm and I was sleeping over at a hotel after a business meeting. I was bored sick in my room so I stepped out and went to the lounge. However, there were a lot of people there. Apparently, there was going to be some comedy show that night at the hotel and the people had arrived and were waiting. I had no interest in

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Stupid Boy (and girl)

You’re reading this in the voice of a flower. Do not panic. Or think you’re weird. Flowers are also living things. I sit here in a vase, serving as a centre piece on a table in a semi-fancy restaurant. On this beautiful evening, I have chosen not to think of all my worries; like the fact that I shall die this night when all the guests leave and would be

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