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Keji and Gideon

How We Met: Keji Remembering how ‘Deon and I met is always funny. I was a 22 year old lady with an eager and optimistic mind. In a burst of optimism, I enrolled for a class on self defense – Karate. It was, for me, a mere adventure; to have fun and work out and sweat a little and have something really cool to boast about.  My karate class was

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Just Shut Up

My name is Jane and I am a karateka. No, scratch that, I am a black belt karateka. Most karate fighters have heard, a least once, that ‘Your belt does not show how good you really are at karate. Your skills define your karate’. But I must humbly say that I am good. Very good. I started karate at the very old age of 15years old. I had just started

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