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I’ll Lift Them Up

Aisha and I have a swell time entering Keke Maruwas every day to the court.  I’m kidding. ‘Swell time’ is a misrepresentation. It’s more like an ‘interesting time’. We’ve been transported by some Maruwa riders, who were so peculiar,  I’d hope to meet them again. Thankfully, today my dreams came true as Isiaka carried us for the second time. You’ll wonder why I know his name. I know his name

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Fancy is the name of the young man I met today He stood tall at New Market, Victoria Island He told us that his tools were just nearby; he’d do our nails for us He came back within minutes and took us to a different salon He gave Sarah a massage on her toes before painting her nails He was gentle with my fingers before painting my nails He said

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Lagos Journeying

Before you set out on a journey in Lagos, you must consider a couple of things. You must know (if you don’t already know), that you CANNOT take the estimated ETA on Google maps seriously. What does the satellite know? What do the Google people know about the mood of Danfo drivers that day? What do they know about the learners who won’t put the L sign on their vehicles?

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Madly Pissed

Today, I had a funny experience. I sat in a bus in front of two elderly people; a man and a woman. They were both deeply engrossed in a conversation when I entered the bus and I could tell by the extra creases on their faces that they were really concerned about the subject matter.  The bus was relatively quiet as though everyone was politely listening to the conversation; which

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Lagos Living With Bukky

Lagos living is no fun without Bukky. Bukky is one of those friends that you wonder if anything can ever get them sad or down. They are the sanguines of the sanguines. I am happy to go out with Bukky because I can hide behind her flair and just enjoy whatever it is that’s going on. All attention is always on her and I love it that way. Plus she

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We Caught A Thief!

My brother Gbade and I are the closest siblings ever. He is older than me with just 10months and when I was growing up, he told me that we were actually twins.  He had a number of theories for why we were not born on the same day though: I was a cry baby and I wanted to enjoy our mom’s womb longer than necessary, so I stayed. I pushed

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Work hard, then chill

Today was stressful! Full of stressful things like walking upandan, studying, working on my final year thesis and you know, generally living in Lagos. It got me wondering about hard work and why people work so hard, and the different ‘schools’ of thought. Many people believe hard work is the only way to succeed. We’ve all heard it from the motivation people them, “Work hard! Be diligent! That’s the only way you

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Damn Girl!

I had a most interesting experience today. My friend and I had gone to get something at the Ikeja City Mall sometime this afternoon. We boarded a bus going back to Yaba just in front of the mall and sat comfortably at the back seat. The conductor kept yelling ‘Yaba’ but not a lot of people entered the bus. In my mind, the bus fare sat somewhere reasonably between 150

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All the noises around me were background to the thoughts in my head as I lay down on Sabo street bleeding from my back (at least that was the only part I knew; the only part I could feel) There were different voices. I could hear the woman who had sat beside me on the bus saying, ‘And I told her to hold the bus. Hold the bus. But she

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Call For Work

It was silly and I knew it. Even paying the slightest regard to these scribblings on public walls showed that the attention payer was an idiot. They were all over Lagos: ‘Total Cure for Bumps and Keloids. Herbal Treatment. Call 08123458837′, ‘Learn to Drive in 2 Weeks: Auto and Manual. Call Waheed 08099963527′, ‘Speak English fluently in 10 days!!! Call..’ It went on.  Whenever I believed I had seen the

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