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ChapterIV: A (not-so-new) Chapter!

FINALLY! Finally, I’m doing something more intentional about human rights in my society and I’m really excited about it. When Uka Eje (Yesss, the guy who the Vice President spoke about at The Platform—- I know people, guys), called me and gave me this idea, I thought, ‘WOW! Why did I never think about this.’ And as it ran it through my mind all day, I could barely sit still.

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It’s An Allocutus (or a surgical blade)!

Although, I have shed like a cumulative of 10 drops of tears in the last two years (an average of two drops per episode), I have not really cried in a long time. There was a time it was a symptom of an actual health condition (which I’m super grateful to God for healing me), but most times, it has been that I’m either too sad to do something as

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30 Years Later

It’s been two weeks since I sat in the gallery of a court and watched in dismay as the proceedings to declare a marriage of 30 years null, unfolded before me. I wanted to cry. And it still baffles me. You know how sometimes, we look at people celebrating 25 years of marriage and we think ‘God. This is amazing. I hope to have something like this’? Ah well, apparently,

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I Feel Everything

The first time I met her, I felt nothing. It wasn’t like what most people say they feel when they meet their partners for the first time.  I was at a meeting for intending choir members and I wondered why she was so vocal (pun intended). We were waiting for the existing choir team to finish their post-service meeting before they’d attend to us. Betty was literally shouting at the

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Foolish or Not?

Today, I woke up to multiple messages on my phone. I had woken up, and grabbed my phone to check the time when I saw all the whatsapp messages flood in.  Curious, and dismissing the Voice that urged me to pray and study my bible first, I opened Whatsapp to see my classmates arguing (as usual – I mean, they are lawyers to be. What better way is there to

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I woke up this morning and I felt my body – slightly red hot. I thought: ‘company law exam is tomorrow and I NEED to read.’  It’s 20 minutes to 10pm and I still need to read. As a law student, your script has to be littered with red ink; it is a test of your legal smarts.  I lay in my bed all through today, switching between throaty coughs

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On Jones

Jones Romijaran Ayuwo.  Today, I informed my friend that I was going to digress a little and write an article on Jones and she said (Ore, sorry) ‘aww… Imagine if you and Jones get married’  Immediately she said it, I said something like ‘That’d be so cute. We’ll just be writing to each other and will overdose on romantic letters’  Now, when I made that statement, I’ll have you know

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R v. Smith

*just because I’m studying for my Law of Evidence test which is to hold tomorrow*   This is my re-imagination of the case, R v. Smith. In secondary school, all my friends used to call me Smooth and I loved it. Although I could never let my mom hear them call me that, I indulged them as riskily as I could. My dad, if he had found out that instead

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Erm… Wait, What?

Prompt: Feb 16 The clock Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence ‘I heard the car door slam and I immediately looked at the clock’ September 9, 2015.  High Court, Ikeja ‘Please state your name for the court records’ ‘Elisa Elizabeth Eli’ Would you swear by the Bible or Quoran?’ ‘Are you kidding me? Did you hear any of my names?’ ‘That was unnecessary. Hand

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Prompt: Feb 6 Choose your adventure Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion. I am writing a story with an open ending but I do not even know where it starts. It’s sort of how life is. We can’t say, ‘Oh, here’s the beginning of this story’ neither can we say, ‘Oh, here’s the end’. But we know that everything has

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