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Little Do I Know

I love to learn. At least that’s what I tell myself. Whenever I go for interviews I say with utmost confidence, ‘I am highly receptive to change and I accommodate corrections and instructions freely.’    But two days ago, I met a young man named Ibidapo. Ibidapo is a 16 year old smart-ass who knows that he is smart. I met him at a party where I was the photographer

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The First Time I Flew

The first time I flew was today. I have often heard that it’s a beautiful experience; to fly to some other location, see other sights, meet other people, experience other cultures. Never minding that there are assertions about those who fly at night to meet supernatural creatures and feast on the blood of natural creatures, I still dreamed that I will fly one day (or night). And today, fly I

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Goodbye, 20

It’s the 22nd of July and today is the last day I’ll ever be 20 years old on this earth.  It’s a little bit funny because I remember when I was 10 and I thought I was the most intelligent person in the room. Now I’ll be 21 tomorrow and I feel like I know absolutely nothing about anything. I am usually almost always confused or unsure about things and

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Just. Journaling 

I flopped this month. I had promised myself to interview one person per day every day of this month but from the beginning it’s been a war. All my dreams of being a super interviewer in life crashed before my eyes as I realized that my people skills were zero, I lacked the requisite patience to produce successful and interesting interviews, and I was terrible with time management in my

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…in My Lecturer’s Smile

  I’d like to share an experience I had in my Conflict of Laws class. I probably never would have had it if the class had been interesting. But it wasn’t. I made a new resolve every time I attended that class. I would always tell myself, ‘Today is the day you listen. Just focus and listen’. But every single time I tried to, my over-imaginative mind got the best

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