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I see fake people everywhere. People who spend more of their lives on phones made of plastic material more original than the plastic they themselves are made of. People who speak vocabulary so alien that their brains shut up in the process and their tongues want to throw it up.     I see fake smiles everywhere. Smiles so plastered and strong; strong enough to hide all the injuries and

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No Bucks Fitness Advice

<insert long biological and medical facts on why it’s important to engage in exercise> I’m not too much of an exercise fan; God knows. I started jogging daily for about 5 minutes and during my final laps, I always feel like my actual laps are going to tear to shreds on the tarred road. At some point, the music in my ear is horrible noise and I pull out my

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‘Hello everybody, my name is Adora and I’m an alcoholic’ ‘Hi Adora!’ ‘Okay, the first time I took alcohol, it was dry gin in my mother’s hot room when I was 13. I was in Jss3 then and it was during the junior WAEC school extension. I had listened to the boarding students talk about how they got ‘high’ the previous night. One of them had even asked me if

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C’mon! Don’t DIY.

“The act of suicide is a blatant show of disregard to those left behind.” I have thought on these words and I have found them true. Suicide is the worst way to tell those who love you that you hate them. It is a selfish and arrogant strategy employed in letting everyone know that you’re capable of making your own decisions. It is a cowardly show of surrender to your

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Gboremi Ogundipe – $10,000

Prompt: 7 March Seven Days You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.       I like Gboremi… a lot. If I were a man, I’d most likely be on her case. But I’m not a man, I’m a woman, God knows best. She is one of those girls

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Last Time

Today, I thought about the day my father stopped carrying me. There was that day. He didn’t know that that would be the last day. And I didn’t know either. But after that day, he stopped carrying me. For some reason; he just stopped. He may have thought I was too old to be carried or may have gotten carried away with life and his business. But since my father

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