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Mega Chicken

Today, I experienced one of the most interesting things: A kind sir offered to buy us food; Sarah and I And so he drove, and drove, and drove until we got to Mega Chicken, Ajah I wondered why we had to travel so far; why we passed by all the attractive restaurants with neon lights; and the more affordable eating houses; and the less stressful-to-get-there restaurant So I asked him.

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The Boat That Made Me Dream Again

So, (they say I should stop starting my sentences with so. But, so) I’m sitting on my bed in the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus and my roommate shrieks and says ‘Boro! (she pronounces Boro terribly, but she’s adorable so it’s fine) look out of the window!’ Now, before I tell you what was outside the window, can I just gush over the fact that my room overlooks the body

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Gems From My Corporate Law Lecturer

Wiw. It’s the final day of my second term in the Nigerian Law School! I woke up this morning smiling – legit. Too much has happened since January and it’s unbelievable that I’m still in one piece. I have learned sooo much in the past four months and from so many people. And I know it sounds cliché, but I am truly honored to have been posted to Yola Campus.

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The Easy Life

Hey, Lagosians (and other residents of fairly violent settlements), do you know you can live the easy life? Do you know you can wake to the easy life and sleep to same? Is that even a possibility in your mind? Do you even know what the easy life is? What is the easy life? One cannot quite describe the easy life (as it is with the definition of most terminologies),

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My Condolences

‘We shall do well to offer our condolences to her after the service’ the pastor said. I was still recovering from the news that Mrs. Dupe lost her 9 year old son. It was very hard to imagine that a little body filled with so much vigor and energy could be snuffed out by death. Why then was I still alive? Why had I lived all these years on earth

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Life vs. Your Life

There’s life. And the there’s your life. Life would always want to dictate to your life on how it should be lived. It’ll send pain. Pain likes to be felt; caressed like a prostitute and petted like a baby. But your life must look pain in its eyes and say, ‘Thanks, but I’ll keep my hands to myself’ Then, life would send Pride. Pride likes to puff up; like the

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Foolish or Not?

Today, I woke up to multiple messages on my phone. I had woken up, and grabbed my phone to check the time when I saw all the whatsapp messages flood in.  Curious, and dismissing the Voice that urged me to pray and study my bible first, I opened Whatsapp to see my classmates arguing (as usual – I mean, they are lawyers to be. What better way is there to

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Plot Twist : A Plot of Land

Prompt: Feb 20  A Plot of Earth You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan? —— Nkem shivered as she heard her name through the speakers. Her name had never been so amplified, as the highest volume in which she had heard her name voiced out was by her mother – whenever she shouted at Nkem to come and

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