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Mister Man!

Adewole Bernard Oluwole,   The first time you stumbled on me, running over me like a drunken driver, because someone had literally pushed you to come and talk to me, I thought it was cute. Although your eyes were inseparable from my face, your mouth was like baked clay; unmoving. I thought it was cute. You did not need to say anything, all I had to do was look into

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Keji and Gideon

How We Met: Keji Remembering how ‘Deon and I met is always funny. I was a 22 year old lady with an eager and optimistic mind. In a burst of optimism, I enrolled for a class on self defense – Karate. It was, for me, a mere adventure; to have fun and work out and sweat a little and have something really cool to boast about.  My karate class was

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Whoa! Lotanna and Fidel

Prompt: Feb 11 Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had? How We Met: Fidel You know when you just go ‘Whoa! whoa! whoa!’ for series of things that happen all at once? That’s how it was with me when I (re)met Lotanna. 3 Actual ‘Whoas’  I remember growing up, we used to think that we were the only ones with our names. Lotanna and I grew up together.

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