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I was going through all the things I thought I lost when I moved away. And in the process, I realized that I am even more careful than I give myself credit for, for things I thought I had lost, had only been tucked away safely. So I was coughing and going through all my old stuff. Tears were in my eyes because of all that dust. I didn’t even

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All These Names Are Just Names

‘Do you know what used to be my favorite quote?’ She asked me.  ‘Erm…’ was the best reply I could give. I wondered why she was talking to me at all.  Everyday, I visit my best friend, Caro, in the hospital. She broke her arm in a fight with her boyfriend and although that one is one long story altogether, I’ll summarize it: So, Caro is dating this really handsome

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Shame! Shame!

There are memories that never should be revisited.  For some people, it’s memories of discomfort; of the days when they were not so comfortable enough to provide for themselves or their families, the kind of life they would have loved.   My friend, James is like this. He would automatically excuse himself from any conversation where it is being reminisced that he was once ‘poor’. He has made it now and

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Ode to Tales by Moonlight

Prompt: Jan 28 Ode to a playground A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.  In Memory of Tales by Pseudo-Moonlight Growing up, I loved to listen to stories. There were two immutable things by which I could be whisked away by any stranger and they were, Sleep and Stories. I would automatically open my eyes wide whenever anyone was

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Hey Stranger

Today’s topic is actually ‘The stranger’.  Enjoy! Hey stranger. If I walked past you, would you turn like any stranger would? Or would you keep your neck straight because you’re trying hard to be a stranger? If I called your phone, would you pick up and say ‘Hello good day who am I speaking with?’ Or would you watch it ring out because you’re trying hard to be a stranger?

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