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For My Change-ling

Erm… Hi.  I spent hours brooding over what to begin with. I mean, I know what I feel, I just don’t know how to express it.  First, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this search party. When we first put out invitations to join, I was honestly pessimistic. I thought: Nigerians already have too much on their plates to make out time for a random

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Dear Jude

Dear Jude, This is the 365th letter I am writing to you. I have posted none of them because no one posts letters anymore. Okay, maybe they do – but not in this sense. Even if I wanted to post the letters to you, I do not have an address to send them to. I am writing these letters and keeping them in an Indomie box under my bed. Sometimes,

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Hey Stranger

Today’s topic is actually ‘The stranger’.  Enjoy! Hey stranger. If I walked past you, would you turn like any stranger would? Or would you keep your neck straight because you’re trying hard to be a stranger? If I called your phone, would you pick up and say ‘Hello good day who am I speaking with?’ Or would you watch it ring out because you’re trying hard to be a stranger?

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