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You Are Bae

I have always loved to kiss my son’s head ever since he was born. It was such an intoxicating thing to do; I would gently place my entire face on his little head and inhale deeply (sometimes, drops of baby oil will zoom their way into my brain – but I did not care). I would stay there and just breathe; inhaling his natural baby scent mixed with man-made products.

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In Front Of Your In-Laws

Since I got engaged, my mother has become even funnier. Before now, the whole family admitted that she could not get any funnier, but this engagement has been the stone upon which she has honed her funny skills. For one, she relates everything I do to my in-laws and why she does that, I have not the foggiest idea. One time, we were both in her room. I was painting her

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UnSeparating: Mom

“When the world is colder than cool; I’ll wrap you in my arms and bless you with the warmest embrace. When hell switches sides with the earth And the heat gets too unbearable for you, I’ll trade my warmth for icy heartlessness And take you in my arms until I am melted into perfect oblivion” I stuck my phone in front of my mom and showed her the picture I

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UnSeparating: Dad

I chose my dad first. Easily. He’s almost always full of rage but he’s largely reasonable. I went to his house. It was obvious that a woman lived there. Daniel and I know that he has a woman who comes over occasionally; he only just never lets us meet her or vice versa.  He told me to wait for him in his make-shift study. I smiled. Dad always referred us

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Boiling Water 

My mom’s suspicions about me got lit yesterday. Before now, she used to treat me like someone who was always up to something evil or who had done something evil, but she never really had a concrete reason or telltale to pin her suspicions on. My inability to look people in their eyes only added to her suspicions. I do not know why she has these suspicions neither do I

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The Way I See

Father why do we all scamper; When you come home tired from work? Could it be that you carry all year’s work on your back ?  Or that we were superimposed upon you as your children and you’d rather not see us? *** Mother, why do scream at us so loud; Like someone with an inbuilt amplifier? Could it be that you don’t think our tiny ears can accommodate your

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Prompt: 13 March Silver Screen Take a quote from your favorite movie – there’s the title of your post. Now write!     ‘If you don’t want a story told, it’s better to tell it yourself’ – Eli Gold, The Good Wife    Mr. Ndubisi’s house got burned last week, So did The Okafor’s two weeks ago. Everything comes out eventually, Nduka. I cannot tell you enough. You go around

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Witho*t U

Prompt: March 4 Twenty-five There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)   Dear Mom, Happy Mothers’ Day. When I closed my eyes and picked the letter I picked from the box, I realized how hard a task this might be for

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Public Healthcare

Prompt: Feb 7 Right to Health Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice? I would die soon.  It’s the same dream every night, although it isn’t a dream – I am here on the hospital bed looking at the ceiling. There’s always a mosquito here. I call it Ayan Labala. It flies

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The Michal You Know

Looking back, that day was doomed to be doomed. I had gotten into my kitchen and my maid was sleeping… SLEEPING! In my father’s house, if you doze off on duty – maid, doorman, guard or even daughter, you’re sure to have the lashings of your life. All of us had suffered it at some point. We were never really pampered because we lived in the palace. All of us

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