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Really My Name 

Sometimes I’m not sure that my name is my name; When I hear all the horrible things people say that I’ve done  And I contrast them with the me I know inside me; I shiver and think ‘Is my name really my name?’ Sometimes I roll my name around in my tongue  Hoping to taste the bitterness he said he tastes when he calls my name  I broke his heart

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That’s Not My Name!

A part of me just always knew; somewhere deep inside me, I always knew that they were not my parents. Call me insecure but I know the signs of pseudo-love when I see them.  I am supposedly the first born of my supposed parents. I don’t remember a life before them but I’m sure one existed – I have been sure since I was about 10. I have 3 younger

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Adeboro, My Friend

Prompt: Feb 12 All about you! Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.  Haha. This is not even weird.  Yes, maybe I could have been more creative with my blog title, but I chose my blog title ‘Adeboro’ because my name is Adeboro and it is my blog.  What it means to me? On the surface of it, Adeboro means ‘royalty and wealth meet’

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