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Suwe, Safe Space, and a Disappointing Government: Lessons from My Visit to an IDP Camp

For the first time since I could put pen to paper, this year I did not write a list of ‘New Year Resolutions’. Why I did not do that is story for another year, but given that I am not feeling very ‘resolutionary’ this year, I decided to just be more intentional in my everyday living. This was probably why I overtly boycotted the default CDS* allocation system of NYSC

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It’s An Allocutus (or a surgical blade)!

Although, I have shed like a cumulative of 10 drops of tears in the last two years (an average of two drops per episode), I have not really cried in a long time. There was a time it was a symptom of an actual health condition (which I’m super grateful to God for healing me), but most times, it has been that I’m either too sad to do something as

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Pilot Boyfriend

I could probably never date a Nigeria-practising Pilot. Because if we had a date for 2pm, He’d first ensure that I arrive at the venue 45 minutes before time. After he’s satisfied that I am at the venue, he’ll call me to reschedule to 5pm. And maybe I choose to wait because I canceled all my appointments that day for him anyway , He would not respect that. Instead, he’ll

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Puffed Up

She laughed and said to me, ‘I have had the most humbling experiences in life’, as she packed my puff-puff into the once-was JAMB past questions paper. She tied it neatly in a black nylon and handed to over to me.  I almost did not collect it. Her perfect English was still too suspicious.  I had come to buy puff-puff and heard her fluent English. When I was hesitant  to

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Madly Pissed

Today, I had a funny experience. I sat in a bus in front of two elderly people; a man and a woman. They were both deeply engrossed in a conversation when I entered the bus and I could tell by the extra creases on their faces that they were really concerned about the subject matter.  The bus was relatively quiet as though everyone was politely listening to the conversation; which

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Lagos Living With Bukky

Lagos living is no fun without Bukky. Bukky is one of those friends that you wonder if anything can ever get them sad or down. They are the sanguines of the sanguines. I am happy to go out with Bukky because I can hide behind her flair and just enjoy whatever it is that’s going on. All attention is always on her and I love it that way. Plus she

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Here, Hunger Commands

I do not even try to think about what the worst problem of this nation is. First, in order to do that, I’ll have to think of all the problems of the nation. It’s a very depressing activity. Also, the process of prioritizing our problems is a process bound to fail because, not only can one never list all the little problems in the nation, you may never also be

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Yaba Market

Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m Nigerian.  Like times when I go to Yaba market. It does not matter how many times I go there, I am always still amazed and affected by the happenings there.  Like today, I was walking to find where to buy some shoes and then along the way, someone grabbed the flesh of my arms and said, ‘My colour, I get fine jeans, chinos for

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Jesus! I Finished My 1st Degree!

I’m sure every reader can sense the excitement in my voice. I ended my 5-year L.LB program today in the University of Lagos and truthfully, the real implication of that hasn’t fully settled in.  Some days ago, I thought about when I got into the university in 2011. I was young and clueless. I didn’t know where my life was headed and I wanted to rewrite my past. I got

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Damn Girl!

I had a most interesting experience today. My friend and I had gone to get something at the Ikeja City Mall sometime this afternoon. We boarded a bus going back to Yaba just in front of the mall and sat comfortably at the back seat. The conductor kept yelling ‘Yaba’ but not a lot of people entered the bus. In my mind, the bus fare sat somewhere reasonably between 150

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