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 H-Factor Speech

I was very impressed today with a young lady named Amina. I attended a conference with really high-end participants. Everyone had an accent; whether innate or improvised. No one seemed immune to it, and if you found yourself having a discussion with someone at that conference, you would suddenly realize that the words rolled off your tongue differently.  Then came Amina. She had a question to ask during one of

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Book! I’m very animated at the moment so I decided to fill the entry for September now.  September has not been an all-exciting month, but I’m making do. I’m definitely better than I was in June and July and August.  It’s my fifth month pregnant and its becoming realer.  I went for an ultrasound scan and the baby is a… wait for it… GIRL!!!!  I get to have final authority

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Because She’s Nigerian

For polythene bags, she would say ‘rubber’ For plastic containers, she would still say ‘rubber’ But for rubber bands, she would mutter ‘band’ She would shout ‘As in!!!’ when you say what exactly she’s thinking.  And say ‘Like what?’ when she needs you to explain a concept.  Why would she say ‘I’m really surprised’ when she can say ‘I’m flabbergasted’? And why would she say ‘Tunde hurt me’ when she

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