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Young and Old Students

The Young Students As part of the AMAD project, we got to teach both primary school and secondary school students various subjects. I couldn’t be a part of the primary education project because I was teaching English in the secondary school. However, at night, we would gather together (mostly in the dark) and exchange tales. There was a story about a little boy telling his friend that his (the friend’s)

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Village Experience

When you begin to ask your friends to line their buckets up so you’ll help them draw water from the well in the wee hours of the morning with your wrapper across your chest and your towel and sponge draped across your neck, just know that you’re undergoing the village experience. When you brush your teeth at the backyard where a chicken is crowing and somebody in one of the

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All Gone!

Hii people! My younger (baby) brother sent this to me some weeks back (For real… he did.), and I have decided to share. Apparently, he has gotten to the ‘I’m too old for all this nonsense’ stage in life. Enjoy! Who remembers Wale Adenuga Productions? (Yes, they still exist). But who remembers the time when they actually existed? Papa Ajasco, Super Story, Binta and Friends et cetera… You would anticipate

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