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Not A Review: You’ll Get Through This

Book: You’ll Get Through This Author: Max Lucado   If you had passed by the glass-walled Chicken Republic at the Ikeja City Mall, you’d have seen me in my weird bantu knots, glasses and cold-shoulder top, gesticulating and talking to a man who occasionally switched his gaze from me to his chicken salad as he nodded therapeutically. You’d have thought he was this boss man and I was pitching my

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Only A Telltale 

The eye-bags are only a telltale of the nights that have become days and days that refuse to become nights.  The rolling of her eyes is only a telltale of the faith that had surrendered to unbelief and the boredom boring through her mind. The laugh that stays only on the lips is a telltale of the twisting knives in the stab of her heart.  The mean retorts are only

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My Condolences

‘We shall do well to offer our condolences to her after the service’ the pastor said. I was still recovering from the news that Mrs. Dupe lost her 9 year old son. It was very hard to imagine that a little body filled with so much vigor and energy could be snuffed out by death. Why then was I still alive? Why had I lived all these years on earth

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Less Merry Days

In all the 365 days of the year, I’ll bet you that there will be some less merry days.  Days when you are not you and people are not people.  Days when your insecurities and fears are expanded far more than your confidence and pride.  Days when you’d rather just crawl under a rock and cohabit with crabs so that maybe you’ll learn how to have a thick skin: Days

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My Groom?

I used to always hear about it but I never imagined that it’ll happen to me. It was one of those things like Ebola or HIV/AIDS or Winning the lottery that never happened to me; maybe others but not me. And I was mutually not interested in it.  I had been dating Dennis for a little over two years before it happened. We had talked about marriage several times and

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The first time I cut myself I couldn’t go through with it, It was supposed to be a straight line across my wrist Just like the article said.  But I cut it barely halfway and started yelping in pain,  But for a moment, the pain coursing through my body made me forget the pain etched into my heart.  -____ The second time I cut myself, I went all the way. 

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But I Don’t Rant 

My precious time!!!! I took out 30 minutes to write an article and then I tried to post it and it just… disappeared. Just like that. I almost looked for the article under my bed.  I have just one question for this article: Was my brain so bad that the first thing you thought of doing once you left there was to kill yourself???? While I’m still sorting through my real

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UnSeparating: The Resolve

I don’t know where all the energy came from today, but as I swept my room this evening I entered a strong resolution within myself.  You see, my parents are separated; have been for the past 2 years. When they first called my younger brother and I to their room on that warm Friday afternoon after they returned from work, we thought it was a joke. Daniel actually tried to

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‘Breathe…’ ‘Take deep breaths…’ ‘That’s good, just breathe…’ It is funny (but not funny) that these same words I heard during my labour are the same I hear every night since the day my baby turned 5 days old.  I gave birth to Iyanu; I did. On the 7th day of January, I suddenly felt my water break and all my research on labour and labour composure couldn’t prepare me

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Prompt: 13 March Silver Screen Take a quote from your favorite movie – there’s the title of your post. Now write!     ‘If you don’t want a story told, it’s better to tell it yourself’ – Eli Gold, The Good Wife    Mr. Ndubisi’s house got burned last week, So did The Okafor’s two weeks ago. Everything comes out eventually, Nduka. I cannot tell you enough. You go around

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