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The first misconception I had was when I was 16 years old. I had sex and got pregnant basically. It was wrong, scary, humiliating, revealing and a bunch of other adjectives. When I had to pause Ss3 for a compulsory maternity leave (granted by my expulsion from my school), my classmates would post on my Facebook wall: Hail Mary full of grace. The only Grace you are full of is

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Please, Shift

Veronica always surprises me. Never failing. Her bio on every social media platform reads, ‘I’m the Muhammed Ali of food paradigm shift. You can’t take my place, I don’t run shifts. If you don’t understand me, please shift’ (Yes, I know.) I’m just going to dedicate this post to a number of things she has advocated for in her lifetime: Anti-Ice Cream Dates: According to her, couples who lick ice

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