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Backbiters: Lessons For Alicia (or me)

Alicia came from school yesterday crying. I was at my laptop drafting a letter when she walked in, eyes swollen like sponges that had been soaked in tears, lips quivering, and body hot. I almost flung my laptop on the floor. I ran to her and knelt down, adjusting my glasses and pulling the back of my top down. ‘What’s wrong baby?’ I asked her. I looked up to my

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Diluted Me

Mama and pa thought they were doing me a favor when they sent me out into the sea. They told me not to be scared of the water, that the water was my friend if only I went with its flow. That was just mama though. She was the one who spoke kindly about the whole situation. Pa was particularly brutal with his words. ‘Chibundu!’ he would yell and pull

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Similarities First, Differences Next. 

I remember coming home, when I was in Primary 4, with my face drenched in tears and my uniform torn all over. I was angry, bitter and felt cheated. My mom ran to me from the door and began to create a fuss. She knelt down, touched my chest, touched my head, pulled my limbs, all the while asking me what was wrong and who had done this to me.

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Splitting Things

I have a splitting headache as painful as can be  From splitting logs and logs of wood and running from bees  But I’d rather endure this than join my sister; in a big clean room with ballerinas splitting their tighs.  And I like that my brother never considers that I am a girl, when he splits the house chores, I like to talk to him also because he does not

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My Bundle of Questions

Just Random Conversations with my 4-year old. A. S: Mommy? Why are you bigger than me but grandma is smaller than you? Are you older than grandma? M: No darling, I’m just bigger in size than her because I have a naturally big body. Grandma is actually older than me; than your daddy and I S: So grandma is older than you? M: Yes S: So why do you have

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