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Boiling Water 

My mom’s suspicions about me got lit yesterday. Before now, she used to treat me like someone who was always up to something evil or who had done something evil, but she never really had a concrete reason or telltale to pin her suspicions on. My inability to look people in their eyes only added to her suspicions. I do not know why she has these suspicions neither do I

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This Is Your Life

Prompt: Jan 11 This is your life If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.   I sat at the table and watched as he smoked. I never liked him- even before I met him. My sister, Ife, would talk about him like he was a

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I recently remembered some wicked people I’ve met… Enjoy…  The very first wicked person I remember ever meeting in this life was Aunty Ijeoma. I mean, it could have been the doctor who gave me un-identical ear piercings but I don’t remember meeting her so Aunty Ijeoma would have to do. She was my class teacher in primary 4. She was Igbo, tall, fair and hairy. Of course, that did

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Hey Stranger

Today’s topic is actually ‘The stranger’.  Enjoy! Hey stranger. If I walked past you, would you turn like any stranger would? Or would you keep your neck straight because you’re trying hard to be a stranger? If I called your phone, would you pick up and say ‘Hello good day who am I speaking with?’ Or would you watch it ring out because you’re trying hard to be a stranger?

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From the Future

 Yesterday, I could not post an article because I went to the future. My experience? Enjoy Let’s rewind to yesterday. It was a pretty normal day. I was just about to start typing my article for the day when I heard someone knocking at my gate. Like the Yorubas would say, ‘Ta lo mo jero?’ I wasn’t expecting anyone. I have no ‘neighborhood friend’. Nevertheless, I went to the gate.

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All Gone!

Hii people! My younger (baby) brother sent this to me some weeks back (For real… he did.), and I have decided to share. Apparently, he has gotten to the ‘I’m too old for all this nonsense’ stage in life. Enjoy! Who remembers Wale Adenuga Productions? (Yes, they still exist). But who remembers the time when they actually existed? Papa Ajasco, Super Story, Binta and Friends et cetera… You would anticipate

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