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Lessons From My Lightning Watching

    This evening, it rained and thundered heavy. I hate thunders; I really do. I always tell myself I won’t be scared, but then they go off and I almost shrink on my bed. Today was no different. As I cowered in my bed and watched for the lightning that would announce the thunders, I hated thunderstorms more and more. After it subsided and it was just light streaks

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On days like this, I have not a drop of creative juice flowing throw my  veins.  But commitment requires me to. I have promised myself and my fictional audience, that I will churn out an article a day.  I think that’s how any good thing in life works.  There is no everlasting high for a particular person or thing or movement or business; your emotions have to be supported by

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Life Gave Me Lemonade

‘Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why’ – Chris Rice  I am from a terrifically wealthy and influential background My dad gave me every cent of my start-up capital. But I have to wake up every morning and actually run the company  I have to relate with people, deal with calls from investors, make on-the-spot decisions, treat my employees with firm respect and love, manage the funds we

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