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The Phlegmatic’s Mantra

I am the M in Mr. NIGER D I am me.  I do not seek for attention because attention is a distraction My mind is a rock; solid and secure. My convictions are true because they are well-thought out.  I never worry about what will be or what was. These things always have a way of working out.  Everytime the clock ticks, I am reminded that this minute was a

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The Melancholy’s Mantra

I am the M in Mr. NIGER D Melancholy. Oh? The M does not stand for Melancholy? Now I’m red-faced. I always find innovative ways to embarrass myself. And people are always looking at me and my actions and judging me. I am always thinking about what and who and why and how and where Every action has consequences Every emotion matters Every mistake is not a mistake. Sorry, I

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Splitting Things

I have a splitting headache as painful as can be  From splitting logs and logs of wood and running from bees  But I’d rather endure this than join my sister; in a big clean room with ballerinas splitting their tighs.  And I like that my brother never considers that I am a girl, when he splits the house chores, I like to talk to him also because he does not

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Dear Choleric

Dear Choleric, What’s that? You want me to call you ‘sir’? Well that’s not going to happen; at least not in MY own letter to you.  Note that I am not writing this letter because I’m scared to face you or because you intimidate me or something. I mean, you try, but I’m as tough as any Melancholic could get.  This letter is just to let you know that your

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