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We never really see things the way they truly are; no one does.  We only see things as we are.  For instance, while an ant sees a pebble as a mountain; fixed to the ground, You see it as a small stone to kick around.  A cockroach sees currency notes as food, You see it as a means to buy food.  You see malaria pills as curative, The malaria parasites

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Half Empty Half Full

‘Is your cup half empty or half full?’ my mom shouted from the kitchen. ‘Half empty!‘ I said as I closed my eyes and downed the rest of the agbo she had poured for me.  ‘Is your cup half empty or half full?‘ asked the motivational speaker on stage. ‘Half full!!’ shouted the audience who had just learned the power of positive declarations.  ‘Is your cup half empty or half full?‘

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David Odunlami: The Future?

It’s a new month! It’s the month of March and I’m amazed at how well I’ve kept to my promise to write every day. Not every article has been top-notch but I’m still impressed with the quality of stuff I churn out. I’ve retroactively made this a mission to show myself that one does not necessarily need to be ‘inspired’ to create art (as most artist like to think). I

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