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The Phlegmatic’s Mantra

I am the M in Mr. NIGER D I am me.  I do not seek for attention because attention is a distraction My mind is a rock; solid and secure. My convictions are true because they are well-thought out.  I never worry about what will be or what was. These things always have a way of working out.  Everytime the clock ticks, I am reminded that this minute was a

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Dear Phlegmatic

Small but mighty!  I know you don’t like the name but I’ve told you that if you never come and shout at me, I’ll keep calling you that name.  People who don’t know you very well think that you’re the weirdest and most gentle person in the world. And that’s not really far from the truth.  You’re my best friend. While Choleric and S have their weird sides, you’re my

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