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No, You’re Not At The Top

Peradventure you storm into a room, and you find yourself among a crowd of people all standing and looking up towards a stage and you hear names of the greatest people on earth being called out, listen attentively. Listen because if the names on the list run out and you still haven’t heard my name, then it’s the wrong list. If all the people who have impacted lives on earth

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Plot Twist : A Plot of Land

Prompt: Feb 20  A Plot of Earth You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan? —— Nkem shivered as she heard her name through the speakers. Her name had never been so amplified, as the highest volume in which she had heard her name voiced out was by her mother – whenever she shouted at Nkem to come and

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…and I Swore

I remember myself acting very weak when I was a child. I felt weak and constantly tired. And I tried to explain to my mother. I would use words and phrases like, ‘faint’ ‘really tired’, ‘can’t breathe properly’, ‘dizzy’, ‘I don’t even know how I feel’, just so that she would panic and take me seriously. But every time I did that, she would just look at me and slightly

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Mystery Cookie

The topic for today is ‘Mystery Cookie’. I had such a hard time coming up with something ‘mysterious’. But I keyed into my enigma-ish part and came up with this. Even at that, I don’t think this is mysterious. But as usual.. Enjoy! Honestly, if someone had ever told me that I would work as a customer care rep., I would have literally put sand in their garri… or custard

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