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Like a Song on the Radio

When my kids grow older and ask me the inevitable ‘How did you and daddy meet’ question, I’ll leave it to my husband because he tells the best stories (and also because I tend to mix reality with fantasy so I might actually end up telling them,  how I *wish* we met instead of how we met). When they ask if it was love at first sight, I’ll rush in

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I Never Miss

I never miss my ex; I got all the closure I needed.  I never miss a birthday; That’s what Facebook is for.  I never miss my flight; That’s what Airplane mode is for. I never miss a joke; How could I? It stares at me in the mirror.  I never miss being called Miss; Mrs. is way shorter to spell. I never miss my appointments; That’s the fastest way to

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UnSeparating: Dad

I chose my dad first. Easily. He’s almost always full of rage but he’s largely reasonable. I went to his house. It was obvious that a woman lived there. Daniel and I know that he has a woman who comes over occasionally; he only just never lets us meet her or vice versa.  He told me to wait for him in his make-shift study. I smiled. Dad always referred us

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‘What is sleep to you?‘ I asked the babe ‘Shhh… He is sleeping‘ replied his mother as he drowsily suckled at her breast.  ‘What is sleep to you?’ I asked the pre-school baby ‘I’ll have to whisper and talk to you. They always force us to sleep here in the crèche’ he replied  ‘What is sleep to you?‘ I asked the schoolboy  ‘I don’t even have enough time to sleep,

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Witho*t U

Prompt: March 4 Twenty-five There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)   Dear Mom, Happy Mothers’ Day. When I closed my eyes and picked the letter I picked from the box, I realized how hard a task this might be for

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La Mistress D’Amour

Prompt: Jan 22 I got skills If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick? If I could choose to master any skill in the world, I could choose to master the skill of being at expert at everything I do. So that I’d do everything and excel at them all. But then, I know that being an

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Today’s topic is ‘Alphabet Poem’ (A 26 line poem. With each line starting with a letter of the alphabet). I know I’m not such a good poet but I know I have to still carry on with this project. So I decided to reduce the number of people that can read my poem. Yoruba people… (H)Enjoy! Abike Omo Labinjo; Iyawo afesana Jimoh Barawo aye ati orun. Common insolent prostitute. Daadaa

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