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Don’t Blame Me

‘Psst!’ whispered distraction, ‘it’ll be great if you stopped blaming me for your lack of focus.’ I shut my textbook and replied, ‘Oh really? Who do I blame then?’ ‘Blame yourself for making me priority’ he snickered.   And then, jogged along dieting ‘Hey you! Been looking for you all around. Would you stop blaming me for your poor self-care?’ she said. I was dazed. ‘But it’s all because of you I starve

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Big Pockets, Small Minds

You would think that with the way people run away from poverty, there’d be a massive abyss between them and the poor thing.  You’d imagine that the race towards fast money and cars would give them a huge head start and they would never have to look anything like poverty. You’d think poverty (because it is poverty and it has no food or clothing or drink) would be too weak

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Shame! Shame!

There are memories that never should be revisited.  For some people, it’s memories of discomfort; of the days when they were not so comfortable enough to provide for themselves or their families, the kind of life they would have loved.   My friend, James is like this. He would automatically excuse himself from any conversation where it is being reminisced that he was once ‘poor’. He has made it now and

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Not A Review: I Do Not Come To You By Chance

Today, I completed reading the book; I Do Not Come To You By Chance, written by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani.   Ironically, the book came to me by sheer chance and was selected among the pile of other books by sheer happenstance but I loved every chapter of the book! Whenever I feel like I drool over every African literature I read, I remind myself that I have been reading some

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Naira Message

Oh the struggle with terrible internet yesterday. The topic is actually ‘Dollar Message’. But… you know. So… Enjoy! Before the message, I was just me. I was nobody but me. Before the message, I was bored sick of my life. Before the message, I was going through the items in an overrated store around my house. Before the message, I was just a young girl exchanging money for an expensive

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