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We’re Having A Baby!

I am crying and laughing at the same time (thank God I’m laughing,  so the people here think it’s the laughing that is tickling my eyes and producing water). My wife has surprised me again! I mean, when I was getting married to Betty two years ago, I knew she was mischievous but I didn’t know it has reached this level. Do you know that when she was vomiting two

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Mrs. Wedding Planner

I was there the day the fire began in her heart. My friend Simi and I had followed a link to an article on BellaNaija. It was about a really cute couple who had met in a police station and had gotten married in the police station courtyard. Abroad, of course. The wedding vows were awesome and Simi and I found ourselves saying ‘Awww’ as we watched the video.  Then

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The Luckiest in the Room

As I sat in the waiting room, I tried to clear my mind with a game I love playing. You see, the woman I love with all my life was in Ward G07 pushing out our baby from inside her and I was told to sit here and be calm. The female nurse, who did not look like she even knew what a church was had pulled me aside and

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‘Breathe…’ ‘Take deep breaths…’ ‘That’s good, just breathe…’ It is funny (but not funny) that these same words I heard during my labour are the same I hear every night since the day my baby turned 5 days old.  I gave birth to Iyanu; I did. On the 7th day of January, I suddenly felt my water break and all my research on labour and labour composure couldn’t prepare me

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You know how you get on the eve of your birthday? When you’re excited but you’re trying not to show so much that you are? When you keep thinking, ‘would there be any surprises hidden for me on this particular birthday?’  That’s how I feel.  It’s December and it’s just one month to when I’m due to give birth. December is thankfully busy with activities so there is a lot

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November!  First, let me just get it out of the way that today is Charles’s birthday. But that’s okay… I’m good. I didn’t call him and I wasn’t tempted to. He’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. We’ll both be fine.  This month has been a month of planning for me majorly. Materially: I have begun to buy baby stuff. Clothes, socks, bath materials, feeding utensils, baby oils and powder, even

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Book,  It’s the month of Independence and the sixth month of my pregnancy.  Wow! I never ever thought I’d make it this far but here I am. I look very pregnant (for my size) This month has been a month of openness for me. There is no more hiding. I can no longer hide my pregnancy; no longer hide my emotions; no longer hide my swollen feet; no longer hide

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Book! I’m very animated at the moment so I decided to fill the entry for September now.  September has not been an all-exciting month, but I’m making do. I’m definitely better than I was in June and July and August.  It’s my fifth month pregnant and its becoming realer.  I went for an ultrasound scan and the baby is a… wait for it… GIRL!!!!  I get to have final authority

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Book. August.  I’ve always loved August because it’s my birth month. I turn 21 this month.  Last year my dad said, ‘People don’t celebrate 20 years birthday. People celebrate 21. You can join us to drink then’  My mom said, ‘Don’t listen to your daddy o. Ehn? Everyday we live, we must celebrate life. Do you know how many people want to be your age? In your body? Having your

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Dear Book, It’s July and it’s my third month of being pregnant. Yes… I kept the baby. A lot has happened; it’s unbelievable. I don’t even know where to start from. First, I told Charles. I met him at the Domino’s near school. I met him there because it’s in the open and so he wouldn’t have the chance to hurt me or kill me if he wanted to. It

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