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I’ll Lift Them Up

Aisha and I have a swell time entering Keke Maruwas every day to the court.  I’m kidding. ‘Swell time’ is a misrepresentation. It’s more like an ‘interesting time’. We’ve been transported by some Maruwa riders, who were so peculiar,  I’d hope to meet them again. Thankfully, today my dreams came true as Isiaka carried us for the second time. You’ll wonder why I know his name. I know his name

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God is Trying

I gisted my parents today about Yola as we drove along Ikorodu road. I talked specifically about being the leader of the church’s Drama Team. I told them how I felt like it was God’s way of giving me a heads up preparation for my theater production dreams. I was talking and talking and next thing, I heard myself lamenting, saying, ‘It wasn’t until when I became the drama team

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What I Love

‘Do what you love‘ is an advice that is becoming so popular I can’t even remember what the advice before it was. ‘Do what makes money?’  ‘Do what your parents say?’  ‘Do what you studied?’ ‘Do Law/Engineering/Medicine?’  They all just  so out of place and absurd. Anyway, for a long time now I’ve been thinking of what I’d love to do with my life. I think of the things that

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