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I’ll Lift Them Up

Aisha and I have a swell time entering Keke Maruwas every day to the court.  I’m kidding. ‘Swell time’ is a misrepresentation. It’s more like an ‘interesting time’. We’ve been transported by some Maruwa riders, who were so peculiar,  I’d hope to meet them again. Thankfully, today my dreams came true as Isiaka carried us for the second time. You’ll wonder why I know his name. I know his name

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Last Time

Today, I thought about the day my father stopped carrying me. There was that day. He didn’t know that that would be the last day. And I didn’t know either. But after that day, he stopped carrying me. For some reason; he just stopped. He may have thought I was too old to be carried or may have gotten carried away with life and his business. But since my father

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