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Dear Mr. ____

LOL! I was looking through my old mails and I stumbled upon this letter I had written on behalf of my friend, to her boyfriend in 2015. I was a self-proclaimed expert romantic-letter-writer and was, based on that, contracted to help wish her boyfriend ‘Happy Birthday.’ (I have excluded names and other information that may give clues about said couple). Enjoy!        ______________________   ___ July 2015  

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My Criss-Cross Wrinkles

My fingers are crossed. The skin on my knuckles criss cross, wrinkled from all my working and tilling and watering and weeding. Weeding: I stopped you from rolling papers bursting with psychedelic herbs. I stopped you from destroying your brain, smoking the dried up substance promising to take you through heaven but never telling you the destination; hellish-living. Burning: You were going through hell when I met you. Broke, broken,

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Do You Like The Person You’ve Become?

I ask you this question in writing because I could not talk to you when I saw you we saw yesterday. Heck, I could barely even look at you. You, on the other hand, were bold enough to look at me. It felt like you were looking right into my pores; into my soul. How did you even think you had the right to look at me? Is it not

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Pilot Boyfriend

I could probably never date a Nigeria-practising Pilot. Because if we had a date for 2pm, He’d first ensure that I arrive at the venue 45 minutes before time. After he’s satisfied that I am at the venue, he’ll call me to reschedule to 5pm. And maybe I choose to wait because I canceled all my appointments that day for him anyway , He would not respect that. Instead, he’ll

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Hindsight is a Bastard 

Hindsight is the worst person you want to listen to after a breakup; Sometimes, she’ll smack her lips together and say ‘I told you so’ But did she? No.  In the present, hindsight is a lazy employee; not doing her job.  You employed her for her wisdom, but you did not pay attention to her work ethics and diligence.  For she never does her job until after the avoidable has

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Hey? Babe? Hey!

He said ‘hi'; I said ‘bye‘ He said ‘wait’,  I said ‘why?‘ He said, ‘listen‘, I said, ‘Talk‘ He said, ‘thanks‘, I said ‘Talk‘ He said ‘I like you‘, I said, ‘Haha‘ He said, ‘I’m serious‘, I said, ‘bye bye‘ He said ‘I’ll be persistent‘ , I said, ‘Persist away‘   He said ‘hi‘, I said, ‘hey‘ He said ‘babe‘, I said, ‘hmm‘ He said, ‘I like you‘, I said, ‘Cool‘

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Stupid Know-It-All

I hate you. I hate you because you act like a know-it-all. You act like a know-it-all because no one has stood up to you. No one has stood up to you because no one has your time. No one has time for you because you’re not worth anyone’s time. You’re not worth anyone’s time because time is perceived as precious. You’re not precious because you’re everywhere, at every time,

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Thank You Jude

Dear Jude, I always promised to have a better perspective on breakups; to be more mature about it; to stay friends; to be decent. But here I am, finding it hard to even write this letter because the Tablet I’m using was given to me by you. I want to slam it across the wall and watch it shatter into tiny pieces; maybe then people would see a physical representation

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On days like this, I have not a drop of creative juice flowing throw my  veins.  But commitment requires me to. I have promised myself and my fictional audience, that I will churn out an article a day.  I think that’s how any good thing in life works.  There is no everlasting high for a particular person or thing or movement or business; your emotions have to be supported by

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Unknown Destination

I am not even sure if I did what I did out of sheer frustration or actual inspiration. But I hope that the more I write about it, the more I’ll feel calm(or not). I broke up with my boyfriend today.  It sounds a lot like basic news; thousands of breakups are going on per second in the world as I write. But what’s interesting(?) about this my breakup is

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