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Lagos Living With Bukky

Lagos living is no fun without Bukky. Bukky is one of those friends that you wonder if anything can ever get them sad or down. They are the sanguines of the sanguines. I am happy to go out with Bukky because I can hide behind her flair and just enjoy whatever it is that’s going on. All attention is always on her and I love it that way. Plus she

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The Nigerian Graffiti

*Today’s topic is ‘American Graffiti’. When I saw it, I just thought to myself, ‘I should get a Nigerian themed writer’s prompt’. Maybe I’ll search for one. Or make one. But till then…* Enjoy! I don’t know much about graffiti other than the fact that it’s art. Somewhat forbidden art. Vandalism, they say, in form of art. Today, on my way to Obalende, I looked at the walls to get

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