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UnSeparating: Mom

“When the world is colder than cool; I’ll wrap you in my arms and bless you with the warmest embrace. When hell switches sides with the earth And the heat gets too unbearable for you, I’ll trade my warmth for icy heartlessness And take you in my arms until I am melted into perfect oblivion” I stuck my phone in front of my mom and showed her the picture I

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UnSeparating: Dad

I chose my dad first. Easily. He’s almost always full of rage but he’s largely reasonable. I went to his house. It was obvious that a woman lived there. Daniel and I know that he has a woman who comes over occasionally; he only just never lets us meet her or vice versa.  He told me to wait for him in his make-shift study. I smiled. Dad always referred us

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UnSeparating: The Resolve

I don’t know where all the energy came from today, but as I swept my room this evening I entered a strong resolution within myself.  You see, my parents are separated; have been for the past 2 years. When they first called my younger brother and I to their room on that warm Friday afternoon after they returned from work, we thought it was a joke. Daniel actually tried to

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My Husband is 45!

She walked to the make-shift stage in the room in her lovely lovely leaf green dress and gently hit her glass with a small spoon. ‘I want to give a speech for and to my husband’ she said, smiling her radiant smile. The room went hush save from the whisperings from some of the guest. Other guests just cast furtive glances and looked rather uncomfortable. She proceeded nevertheless. ‘Good evening

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