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I recently remembered some wicked people I’ve met… Enjoy…  The very first wicked person I remember ever meeting in this life was Aunty Ijeoma. I mean, it could have been the doctor who gave me un-identical ear piercings but I don’t remember meeting her so Aunty Ijeoma would have to do. She was my class teacher in primary 4. She was Igbo, tall, fair and hairy. Of course, that did

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Pretty Nice.

I saw a shoe I loved today. But I had no money to buy it. Nevertheless, I have feet. I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.  Yesterday, my lecturer sent me out of class while she repeatedly said ‘useless and shameless student’. The whole class kept laughing because she has a lisp. I had that going for me… which was nice.  I misplaced my ATM card yesterday in

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